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Arizona’s Franks not Hispanic, but has been in Congress for more than a century

Posted by   /  February 6, 2013  /  2 Comments

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By Phil Riske

Managing Editor, Rose Law Group Reporter

The Associated Press on Monday put out a story about the number of Hispanic members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

“Turns out narrowing it down to one number is not easy,” AP stated. “There is no dispute about the Senate, which has three Hispanic senators. The House, however, is another matter.”

Veteran Republican Trent Franks of Arizona is one of two members listed by the House Press Gallery as Hispanic who deny that heritage.

Rep. Trent Franks

Rep. Trent Franks

An aide said Franks has been a member of the Congressional Hispanic Conference, a House caucus of Republican Hispanics, since he arrived in Congress in 2003. The aide turned the mistake into an opportunity to appeal to the Hispanic community.

“Trent Franks is not Hispanic, but considers the Hispanic community a critically important part of the pro-family, pro-freedom, conservative coalition in America,” spokesman Ben Carnes said. He provided no details on Franks’ racial or ethnic ancestry. Carnes noted Franks’ wife, Josephine, “is an immigrant and speaks the better part of four languages, one of which is Spanish.”

A typo in the AP story makes Franks the most historic member of Congress ever: “Franks, 123-year congressman from Arizona, was on the Press Gallery’s list of Hispanics for this session and the 112th congressional session.”

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  1. Gene Scharer says:

    Tren Franks’ mother, Juanita Mae (Duran) Frankis full-bloofed Pueblo Indian born around 1937 in Pueblo San Felipe, New Mexico. As a 3-year-old, she lived with her mother and aunt in the home of her 62 year old grandfather, Harvey Townsend (1940 Census). Her father, Juan? Duran, was absent from the home. Juanita married Trent’s father, Edward “Taylor” Franks, in 1955 when she was about 18 and he was about 28. Trent was born in January 1957 in Uravan, Colorado, a uranium mining town that is now a superfund site. Juanita and Taylor divorced in 1960 when Trent was 3 years old while they were living in Briggddale, Colorado. Soon aftereard, Juanita married Raymond Frank (spelled without an “S”). Juanita and Raymond had daughter, Beth Ann Frank around 1961 and son, Travis Dean Frank, around 1965. Juanita and Raymond lived for a time in Cuba, New Mexico, near Pueblo San Felipe where Juanita grew up. They were living there in 1973 according to an internet source, but must have returned to Briggsdale around that time, because Classmates.com ssys Trent attended Briggsdale H. S. from 1972-76. Ihave been researching Trent Franks off and on since 2003 and have much more information to share. Contact me if you would like to know what I have. Thanks!

  2. Gene Scharer says:

    655 s 221 dr

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