We were born on the wrong side of the brain

leftieBy Phil Riske, managing editor, Rose Law Group Reporter

Have you ever been asked any of the following questions?

Why do you wear your watch on your right hand?

Why do you write with your hand curled over the paper?

Why do you always want to sit at the end of the dining table?

If so, you’re probably left-handed.

I am. So are Court Rich, Rose Placencio and Hopi Slaughter at Rose Law Group.

We are joined by Julius Caesar, Prince William, Presidents Obama, Regan and Clinton, Jerry Seinfeld, Tom Cruise, Paul McCartney, Bill Gates and dozens of other famous people.

It’s said about 10 percent of the population is left-handed, and our day was celebrated Tuesday —“Left Handers Day.”

A white lab-coated scientist told a white lab-coated research publicist called a “brain defect.”

Join us in our petition drive urging the federal government to consider legislation prohibiting such discrimination against we right-brainers.

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