King Edward VII has got me fit to be tied: From the Rose Law Group Reporter Growlery

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 9.05.53 AMBy Phil Riske | Managing Editor

I can hear you now: “ Geez, Phil, can’t you find something really worth griping about?

Well, maybe next week, but after watching numerous TV hosts violate my sense of taste when it comes to men’s clothing, here’s the question: Why are the bottom buttons of our suit jackets and blazers never to be fastened?

Fashion history attributed it to King Edward VII, who loved his food so much the royal tailors had trouble keeping pace with his ballooning belly. As the story goes, the monarch, seeking relief from the confining constriction of his waistcoat, casually unbuttoned the bottom button.

Members of his court saw his new look and quickly copied it. The fad spread like wildfire, and the rest is fashion history.

I think it’s time to turn history on its head. The King Edward look is more like leaving the barn door open and letting the cows out.

Here are the solutions: Get rid of ties and lay off the beer.

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