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Yule feel better by ignoring the world

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537061_211318018997109_178863413_nFrom the Rose Law Group Reporter Growlery

By Phil Riske | Managing Editor

With Christmas hours away, it would be easy to overlook the meaning of the day — the meaning of any religious celebration — because of all the world’s toils and troubles. Let’s for a day turn away from thoughts of ISIS beheadings and slaughtering of children. Let’s not think about the renewed racial divide between cops and blacks.

Forget the fact Congress is a joke.

Don’t worry tomorrow about Arizona’s $1B budget deficit or the ever-mounting threat of drought in the Southwest.

Disregard the finding one in four of Arizona’s children will go hungry on Christmas Day and into the new year.

Why get upset over North Korea’s hack job on a movie critical of its despot leader?

Why fret over the price of the latest high-tech gizmo or the designation of Christmas as a no-burn day?

Need I go one with the list of things that are wrong, things that are cruel, things that are unresolved for decades, things that could have been prevented, things that are sad, things that are threatening?

I take it all back: Think about all these things on Christmas day for perspective on how the spirit of the holiday could — if it would — change the world.



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