Rose Law Group Reporter’s Top 10 Questionable Survey Results

survey_says_blogA story this week said Americans were expected to spend $4 billion celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Such surveys, we think, are bogus, so here’s 10 more just for the heck of it.

  • The average Paradise Valley resident spends $37/year on Grey Poupon.
  • In Iowa, 92% of Millennials said they have used corncobs as toilet paper.
  • According to a Zillow report, more than half of prospective homebuyers misspelled mortgage.
  • The Forest Service says coins tossed from the rim into the Grand Canyon totaled $470,018,34 in 2014.
  • Nine out of 10 doctors recommend Nanny Off for a goat bite.
  • Parent Magazine reports 37% of toddlers in day care centers want to become president of the United States.
  • The SPCA finds dogs are smarter than alligators.
  • One hundred percent of Americans say they’ve never cheated on their tax returns.
  • Poll: 32% of non-pilots could land a plane safely if the pilot were incapacitated.
  • A scientific study shows it is not known how a thermos works. (As one respondent put it: “You put something cold in, it stays cold. You put in something hot, it stays hot. How do it know?”)
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