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Rose Law Group Reporter’s Top 10 U.S. Supreme Court Rulings Arizona Is Still Waiting For

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alpaca110. Phoenix Herpetological Society v Arizona Rattler et Arizona Diamondbacks: Plaintiff seeks cease and desist order against arena football and Major League Baseball teams, alleging teams’ names are “venomous” and therefor “terroristic.”

9. City of St. John’s v Arizona Department of Transportation: Plaintiff alleges State of Arizona failed to provide the essential benefit of light rail service from said City to Sky Harbor International Airport.

8. Jerry Mander v Arizona Redistricting Commission: Plaintiff, with standing as Arizona voter, seeks to vacate a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that he must live in the Congressional District represented by his estranged wife.

7. Yotes Fans United v City of Glendale: Class action against Glendale City Council for alleged physical damage to plaintiffs’ buttocks for having to listen to a contract debate for more than four hours, without being permitted to call their doctors.

6Phoenix Zoo v State of Arizona: Plaintiff seeks to overturn Arizona Supreme Court ruling against marriage of two female giraffes.

5. Bag of Hammers LLC v Box of Rocks, P.C.: Bisbee software company alleges theft of intellectual property by Defendant.

4. Arizona State Representative Russell “Rusty” Bowers v Acme Tattoos and Piercing: Plaintiff alleges professional malpractice for placement of permanent tattoo on Plaintiffs arm that reads: “Rep. Rusty Bowels.”

3. City of Tucson v Greenwich Meridian: City seeks to be placed in time zone different from the City of Phoenix.

2. Bill’s Boards Co. v City of Peoria: Plaintiff seeks to overturn ban of freeway digital advertising displays reading “Utilities put solar customers up where the sun don’t shine.”

1. Arizona Veterinary Medical Association v United States Government: Plaintiff alleges “LlamaCare” unconstitutional.






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