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Thoughts on this Independence Day: Were you born too late?

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By Phil Riske | Senior Reporter/Writer

I know I don’t belong

And there’s nothing that I can do

I was born too late

And I’ll never be like you

~ From “Born Too Late,” The Poni-Tails, 1986

Originally published Oct. 28, 2013

Fifty years ago come Nov.22, I parked my car at work, got out, and a woman yelled “President Kennedy’s been shot!”

A forthcoming book from former New York Times reporter Philip Shenon digs into exactly what the Warren Commission got wrong and how the CIA and FBI withheld information about the 1963 Kennedy assassination that might have prevented the time when, it was said, “America lost its innocence.”

The median age of American citizens is 37, meaning more than 180 million were not alive when Kennedy was killed. So, this is written for those people in general, but specifically for those at Rose Law Group for whom I work because most of these professionals, I’m guessing, were born too late to have experienced the long list of historic events I have been fortunate enough to have experienced.

I am not pulling age rank, nor am I saying young people have, so far, lived boring lives—far from it, of course. It is solely to say they can look forward to their long list 50 years from now to pass on to those not yet born.

What is now and what is ahead are a far distance from the top 10 historic events in my life:



Alaska and Hawaii statehoods

Civil Rights Act

Kennedy assassination

Bobby Kennedy assassination

Martin Luther King assassination

First men on the moon

Watergate, Nixon resignation

Roe v Wade

You and I can look forward with hope there will be no more wars, no more assassinations, no more presidential scandals, and no more legal rulings that divide our nation.

Let’s work for a list for 2063 that includes:

Cancer cures

Relative worldwide peace

Competent governance; Political statesmanship

A nation powered by 80% alternative energy sources

Respect for the English language

Perspective in sports

Return to music genius

Healthcare affordable for all

Drastic reductions in poverty, homelessness, hunger

Responsible social and news media

You were not born too late.

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