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[IN-DEPTH] Personal information requirement for drug could hamper opioid crisis effort

Posted by   /  August 18, 2017  /  1 Comment

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Naloxone, available in Arizona without a prescription as an injection or nasal spray, reverses opioid overdoses.  /Photo by Rachel Leingang, Arizona Capitol Times

By Rachel Leingang | Arizona Capitol Times

Doug Ducey’s requirement that people give their personal information to a state database when they pick up a life-saving drug for opioid overdoses at a pharmacy may actually jeopardize lives, say those who help people with drug addiction recover.

The drug, naloxone, saved 28-year-old John Koch’s life three times.

“It’s saving lives left and right,” he said.

Naloxone reverses the effects of overdoses from opioids like heroin or prescription painkillers. It’s available as an injection and nasal spray and commonly referred to by its brand name, Narcan.


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1 Comment


    So Chronic/Intractable Pain Patients taking opioids responsibly for legitimate medical reasons get treated like addicts & criminals, have to sign “contracts” giving up their rights just to get medical care, lose any and all medical privacy with the Prescription Drug Database (which any Dr, Nurse, Medical Assistant, pharmacist, pharmacy technician or police officer can look through at any time without a warrant, and use the information therein for any reason they want) and are being dropped cold turkey by frightened Dr’s afraid to lose their licenses just for prescribing ANY opioids, then abandoned and left to writhe in agony, bedridden, without any quality of life and unable to care for themselves any longer – but THIS is what you’re worried about?!? Are you fricking kidding me?? Unbelieveable!!!

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