JFK: The murder that just won’t go away

President Trump could play a role in further revelations

By Phil Riske | Senior Reporter/Writer

 was born few short months after the Japanese assassinated Pearl Harbor. But I am much more a child of the 60s. The decade was my most memorable and a large influence on what I am today.

A classmate was a POW in Vietnam




I think I’ve read most books and watched most documentaries on the assassination of President John Kennedy. Only this week I watched two new Netflix docs on the 1963 murder in Texas.

Until this morning, I’ve always believed Lee Harvey Oswald alone killed JFK, and there was no conspiracy involved in the historic event. After reading How the CIA came to doubt the official story of JFK’s murder in POLITICO, however, I’m opening my mind slighty on conspiracy. (Previously secret CIA and FBI documents were unsealed last week by the National Archives.)

Here’s a key portion of the article:

“The CIA documents also offer tantalizing speculation about the chain of events in late 1963 that explained Oswald’s motives for killing Kennedy, which have previously never been established with certainty—how he may have become enraged after reading a detailed article in his hometown newspaper in New Orleans in September suggesting that his hero Castro had been targeted for assassination by the Kennedy administration. “According to that theory, Oswald, who had rifle training in the Marine Corps, then set out to seek vengeance on Castro’s behalf—to kill Kennedy before the American president managed to kill the Cuban leader.

“If that proved true, it would have raised a terrible question for the CIA: Was it possible that JFK’s assassination was, directly or indirectly, blowback for the spy agency’s plots to kill Castro? It would eventually be acknowledged the CIA had, in fact, repeatedly tried to assassinate Castro, sometimes in collusion with the Mafia, throughout Kennedy’s presidency.”

While the POLITICO article and the government documents don’t reveal anything that would confirm a conspiracy, they do provide new information that could, if you wanted, argue Oswald’s anger could have had an accomplice.

The National Archives is required to unseal a final batch of about 3,100 never-before-seen JFK-assassination files by October, assuming the move is not blocked by President Donald Trump. Under the 1992 Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act, the president is the only person empowered to stop the release, POLITICO reports.

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