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Let’s discuss gender harassment

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By Phil Riske | Senior reporter/writer

All this sexual harassment news of late got me to playing the tape back on my 45 years in the workforce, most of them in the media.

I asked myself if I thought I had ever sexually harassed someone.


But that’s not the purpose of this writing.

I looked for evidence of sexual harassment in my jobs and saw a couple of cases that would qualify under today’s definition.

I was never sexually harassed.

But that’s not the purpose of this writing.

In those 45 years in the workforce, I have answered to six women supervisors and managers.

Five of those situations did not work out for the best. I either quit or was let go after two or three years.

There were several common characteristics, traits and inclinations among those female bosses:

  • They tried to take on the persona of a man, which I acknowledge could be a result of their female counterparts failing to succeed because they lacked forcefulness and other characteristics of most male bosses.
  • They favored younger female employees.
  • They took criticism personally.
  • They were unsure of their authority and tended to verbally and in other ways harass to make up for their lack of confidence.
  • In most cases, they simply didn’t like men.

So, there are adjacent tentacles to sexual harassment — gender harassment and discrimination.

I have worked for Jordan Rose for eight years.

That’s worked out just fine.

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