Our social lives have become echo chambers. Time to get uncomfortable

Issues in 2017 seemed just too hot and the stakes too high for robust debates at dinner parties. Should we start breaking bread with our political enemies?

By Brigid Delaney | The Guardian

We all agree some liberals can be boring and you wouldn’t want them at your dinner party.

After all, they might be going through a vegan phase because they saw some documentary about factory farming on Netflix, which distressed them. Or when you want to talk about your investment portfolio and how well it’s doing, they bring up blood diamonds, or divesting from companies using Wilson Security or child smokers in Indonesia.

They might do this. But they probably won’t, because once they start talking about Trump, they could go all night. And the next thing you know, the vibe is totally dead, the rest of your guests feel depressed and the party ends early. Baaah!

But to stack the dinner party deck with conservatives? Spare me. Conservatives in this day and age are not sitting around nerdishly talking about reforming the tax system (although they are doing that in the US, and the results are going to be disastrous for the poor and middle class).


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