Just asking: Rose Law Group Top 10 Questions for the Week

By Phil Riske | Senior Reporter/Writer

10. Who made/sold all those red shirts worn by teachers protesting at the Capitol?

9. Will school crossing guards walk out?

8. Did ASU Coach Herm Edwards throw up when he took a ride in a jet fighter?

7. Can Tucsonians really go on with their lives after another one-and-done by the Cats?

6. Does Trump’s trade policy with Canada include tariffs on back bacon and Canada Dry?

5. Is Facebook considering a name change to Redfaced Book or Eggonface Book?

4. Will university students in Arizona be permitted to carry squirt guns loaded with skunk spray as protection from assault?

3. Is it a caucus rule Republicans in the Legislature must wear bola ties.

2. Will ADOT permit Jimmy Johns to drive in the HOV lane?

1. When ads say 9 out of 10 doctors recommend a product, is the 10th doctor from Arizona?

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