Baseball players need Gillette: From the Rose Law Group Reporter Growlery

Babe Ruth

By Phil Riske | Senior Reporter/Writer

Can you imagine Babe Ruth with a Duck Dynasty beard?

Only in Photoshop.

Not to take anything away from today’s baseball players,, but they look more like lumberjacks.

A 5 o’clock shadow is fine, but not a 5-month one.

Not only are long beards ugly, they pose rules and safety problems.

Should a batter whose beard was just brushed by a pitch be awarded first base? What if a ball gets stuck in a beard? What if a multi-million-dollar player trips on his beard and suffers a season-ending injury?

It might be prudent, however, for Archie Bradley and his bearded team mates to keep the beards for’ facial warmth during those cold spring training games. After that, get out the power saws and shave.

Archie Bradley aka “The Beard”
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