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Shooter wants to give it another shot

Posted by   /  May 25, 2018  /  1 Comment

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Supporters work to get him on ballot for Senate

Expelled senator Don Shooter says he’s willing to serve again, but only if a some Yuma Republicans can gather enough petitions for the disgraced politician to qualify for the ballot, reports Ben Giles at Arizona Capitol Times.

Shooter was voted out of the Legislature in February after a House investigation found he serially sexually harassed colleagues and lobbyists.

The petitions would be due May 30.

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Shooter previously cclaimed not to care whether they accomplish their goal. But when they offered to gather signatures for him, Shooter said he told them, “If you get the petitions, I guess I’ll run… If people want me to work and serve, I’ll go.”

Asked earlier this month if he’d run for office again following his historic expulsion from the Arizona House of Representatives, former legislator Don Shooter said, “Hell no.”

If he qualifies, Shooter would be a candidate for the district’s state Senate seat, which he held from 2013 to 2017 before serving in the House.

“I’m a Kentucky hillbilly. I have never suffered from ambition. I haven’t,” Shooter told Capitol Times. “But I’m willing to serve, if people want me to, because I think I was a decent legislator.”

Besides, he quipped, “I got nothing to lose. What are you going to do, fire me? You’re going to kill me twice?”

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1 Comment

  1. Leonard Clark says:

    I am a bleeding heart progressive but … It is clear Mr. Shooter was rail roaded as other female legislators have strongly implies in my presence that details of other alleged sexual harrassers were not released although documented. This was a way for Az. governore Doug Ducey and his allies in the Arizona state house of representatives (J.D. Mesnard,) to get rid of his political enemies. If this were truly about stopping sexual harrassment which of course needs to be done (and I strongly back the “Me Too” movement) then J.D. Mesnard would release the details of our tax payer funded study to the media as they are requesting. This was a political hatchet job clear and simple. And again…I as a progressive activist strongly opposed Mr. Shooter’s political ideology in the Arizona House and previously the senate but I will stand by and stay silent and watch a duly elected legislator and human being railroaded out. Just ask Ashoke Seth and other whistle blowers about the same type of bid rigging.
    Leonard Clark,
    Independent Progressive Activist,
    Arizona native,
    Arizona State Legislature
    May 25th, 2018

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