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Legislative committee chairs, vice chairs selected

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Speaker-Elect Rusty Bowers

Speaker-elect Rusty Bowers Tuesday announced his chairmen and vice chairmen for 20 committees.

Appropriations– Cobb, chair; Kavanagh, vice chair

Commerce– Weninger, chair; Grantham, vice chair

County Infrastructure– Cook, chair; Rep.-elect Bret Roberts, vice chair

Education– Udall, chair; Rep.-elect John Fillmore, vice chair

Elections– Townsend, chair; Rep.-elect Frank Carroll, vice chair

Federal Relations– Finchem, chair; Griffin, vice chair

Government – Kavanagh, chair; Payne, vice chair

Health & Human Services– Barto, chair; Lawrence, vice chair

Judiciary– Allen, chair; Stringer, vice chair

Land & Agriculture– Dunn, chair; Grantham, vice chair

Military & Veterans Affairs– Lawrence, chair; Rep.-elect Joanne Osborne, vice chair

Natural Resources, Energy & Water– Griffin, chair; Dunn, vice chair

Public Safety– Payne, chair; Kern, vice chair

Regulatory Affairs– Grantham, chair; Toma, vice chair

Rules – Kern, chair; Shope, vice chair

Sentencing & Recidivism Reform– Stringer, chair; J Allen, vice chair

State & International Affairs– Rivero, chair; Rep.-elect Walt Blackman, vice chair

Technology– Thorpe, chair; Weninger, vice chair

Transportation– Campbell, chair; Rep.-elect Leo Biasiucci, vice chair

Ways and Means– Toma, chair; Rep.-elect Shawnna Bolick, vice chair



Senate President-Elect Karen Fann

As announced last week by Senate President-elected Karen Fann, here are the chairmen and vice chairmen of the chamber’s 12 committees.

Committee on Appropriations

Sen. David Gowan-Chair

Sen. Vince Leach-Vice Chair

Committee on Commerce

Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita-Chair

Sen. Tyler Pace-Vice Chair

Committee on Education

Sen. Sylvia Allen-Chair

Sen. Paul Boyer-Vice Chair

Committee on Finance

Sen. J.D. Mesnard-Chair

Sen. David Livingston-Vice Chair

Committee on Government

Sen. David Farnsworth-Chair

Sen. Sonny Borrelli-Vice Chair

Committee on Health & Human Services

Sen. Kate Brophy McGee-Chair

Sen. Heather Carter-Vice Chair

Committee on Higher Education and Workforce Development

Sen. Heather Carter-Chair

Sen. J.D. Mesnard-Vice Chair

Committee on Judiciary

Sen. Eddie Farnsworth-Chair

Sen. Rick Gray-Vice Chair

Committee on Natural Resources & Energy

Sen. Frank Pratt-Chair

Sen. Sine Kerr-Vice Chair

Committee on Rules

President Fann-Chair

Sen. Rick Gray-Vice Chair

Committee on Transportation & Public Safety

Sen. David Livingston-Chair

Sen. Frank Pratt-Vice Chair

Committee on Water & Agriculture

Sen. Sine Kerr-Chair

Sen. Frank Pratt-Vice Chair

President-elect Fann also announced Senator Eddie Farnsworth will serve as President pro tempore in the 54th Legislature.

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