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Fortnite is the future, but probably not for the reasons you think

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By Matthew Ball | REDEF

Much has been said about Fortnite’s revenue, users, business model, origin and availability. But these narratives are overhyped. What matters is how these achievements, when added to the rest of Epic Games, stand to change the entertainment industry forever.

In 2018, there was a lot to read about Fortnite, and even more to learn from it. And to point, “the game” is indeed the future of entertainment (as well as the greatest threat to today’s media giants). But probably not in the way you think. Fortnite’s real opportunity is much bigger and more significant than the ways the game is notable today. In fact, most of the existing narratives around Fortnite success are overhyped – even if they’re critical to its long-term evolution.

There’s a lot to unpack, so I’ll start by deconstructing the hype before moving into what Fortnite is building towards and why Epic Games is uniquely positioned to realize this potential.


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