Tucson MSA multifamily Q2 2019: Where’s the KA-BOOM?


There was supposed to be an earth-shattering Ka-Boom – Where’s the KA-BOOM?

By Roland Murphy, Director of Research at ABI Multifamily | Real Estate Daily News

Going into 2019, pundits, prognosticators and trend data purveyors were cautiously hedging their bets and warning everyone to be on the lookout for a fairly boring year. “Like 2018, but more so,” was about as far as most would stick their necks out. But many warned that recessionary horrors lay just beyond the horizon.

For the first most part, they’ve been proven right. There was a little excitement when the Fed started moving on raising interest rates, but the resulting panic in the stock market disco was more extreme than when John Travolta’s polyester suit caught fire. (The movie edit that plays in my head is a lot more interesting than the one you saw on the screen.) As a result, Big Money Dance Off continues.


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