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[REGIONAL NEWS] Colorado using $3 million from marijuana tax to provide food, housing for the homeless

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According to economic development statistics, the manufacture and sale of legalized marijuana has stimulated growth in many other areas, including new business ventures such as stores that sell cannabis, tools needed to manufacture it, and other industry related items. 

By DailyHealthPost

Legalizing marijuana is not a new issue by any means. And for the most part, it has been, and will continue to be, an uphill battle.

This is partly because it is currently classified as a Schedule 1 Illicit drug. This technically puts it on a par with other drugs like LSD, heroin or cocaine.

The FDA reserves this ranking for drugs that have the greatest potential for abuse and no substantiated medicinal value. However, proponents of marijuana say that based on these requirements, cannabis does not belong in this category and has been unfairly stigmatized.

Various pro-cannabis groups have been tirelessly working for close to 50 years to bring cannabis out of the dark. They claim that marijuana is nothing less than a miracle drug, completely undeserving of the bad rap it’s received for decades.

While they have been making progress little by little, their efforts finally paid off in a big way in October 2014. At this time, Colorado state officials legalized marijuana for recreational use.


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