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The Dealmaker: 11/4/2019

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[OPINION] Seize the opportunities in Hawes Crossing. (Disclosure: Rose Law Group represents Hawes Crossing.) In The Republic, Patrick Adler, managing member of Project Advancement, explains why the proposed plan for the 1,100- acre Hawes Crossing in Mesa is “a true work-live-play opportunity’ that “represents the land’s highest and best use.”  http://bit.ly/33hR66r

Belfiore: Expect homebuilding, development jump in Pinal County, Buckeye. Real estate consultant Jim Belfiore connects with reporter Mike Sunnucks on the builder and buyer “rebirth” happening in Pinal County and West Valley markets. RLGR. http://bit.ly/2qmRyla

How to do Opportunity Zones right: Navigating the land banking loophole; Dan Gauthier, Rose Law Group transactional attorney handling many Opportunity Zone investments, comments. O-Zone guidance has left open the possibility that vacant buildings could be purchased without economic revitalization. Will Treasury close this loophole? Does it even need to be closed? This report from Forbes examines, while Dan Gauthier comments on the matter in RLGRhttp://bit.ly/33hQGNh

Debate: Does watering Arizona’s suburbs promote affordable housing or urban sprawl? In a Daily Star Q&A Spencer Kamps of the Home Builders Association of Central Arizona pushes back on a recent report from the Kyl Center for Water Policy at ASU that was “highly critical” of “Arizona’s system of groundwater management.”  http://bit.ly/2Cd4tsM

BREAKING: Hunter Moore leaving governor’s office. Hunter Moore has announced via Twitter that he will resign as Natural Resource Policy Advisor to Gov. Ducey, effective Friday, Nov. 8. Moore info in RLGRhttp://bit.ly/2JQkQzD

New homes ok’d despite protests. Plans for Casa Azul, a 15-home development from Blue Sky Homes at 11th Ave and Maryland, are moving forward following an approved rezone from Phoenix City Council. But some in the area are none too happy about it. North Central News. http://bit.ly/2NiYOYB

Neighbors protest proposed apartments. With some neighbors opposed to the project and others expressing support, Phoenix City Council this week will consider a rezoning request from Toll Brothers for a luxury apartment complex at the NWC of Central and Indian School. North Central News. http://bit.ly/2CdZ4By

Alliance Residential looks to develop senior living, health care project in Scottsdale. The Marvelle Arcadia, a  new residential health care and independent senior living facility, would be at Thomas and 61st Pl. Sunnucks has more project info in RLGRhttp://bit.ly/32fr7eL

Metro Phoenix renters struggle with rising housing costs. What can help?AZCentral real estate reporter Catherine Reagor takes a look at what’s being done to “get ahead” of the issue so that we don’t end up like “San Diego, Seattle or San Francisco.” http://bit.ly/34uNIFo

Group thinks Flagstaff’s housing solution may be inside the box. “Dave Price and his partners with Jackson Associates are developing new home kits out of retired shipping containers with the goal of creating less expensive and quicker housing.” Daily Sun. http://bit.ly/2Cd4zRa

Council debates ASU downtown Mesa campus. “The study session featured a debate over the unusual ASU@Mesa City Center building’s appearance, with the big screen display and a height equivalent to a five-story building even though it has only three stories.” EVT. http://bit.ly/2NdzRO8

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As a supplement to the Dealmaker, we thought you might enjoy these articles!

Apple announces $2.5 billion pledge to help solve California’s housing crisis. Which, given the crazy cost housing in Cali, should at least be enough to buy one tiny two-bedroom place on outskirts of Palmdale. For details on Apple’s “five-point plan,” tap to KTLAhttp://bit.ly/2NgwE0a

Arizona farmers like – but don’t love – ‘agricultural immigration’ bill. “Arizona farm groups said a proposal to expand the immigrant workforce and make it easier for those workers to stay in the U.S. is an important first step.” CN. http://bit.ly/2rcNNPR

Census: Ex-Californians make up 10% of Arizona’s population. About 60% Arizona residents hail from elsewhere. In Daily Star, CMS/Howard Fischer takes a look at where they’re all coming from. http://bit.ly/2NRwOdJ

Democrats sue over Arizona law that gives top ballot positions to Republicans. “Democratic organizations in three states, including Arizona, filed lawsuits on November 1 arguing that ballot order gives Republicans an unfair advantage in the state.” New Times. http://bit.ly/2CamTdD

‘Democracy dollars’ could pump millions of dollars of public funding into elections. Under the Fair Elections Act, denominated vouchers would be distributed to every registered voter. AZ Mirror has details on how it would work. http://bit.ly/2JQlSvt

Who will wear my dead husband’s clothes? “It took me a long time to find a new home for the belongings he left behind.” By: Fernanda Santos, a former national correspondent for TheNew York Times, who now teaches Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at ASU. http://bit.ly/32eTolp

SNL has gone to the dogs. The commando dog that took down ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, stars in this latest episode of SNL, which also features up a sendup of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s healthcare plan, as well as a ‘Weekend Update’ skewering of UA’s new name. WATCH all three segments in RLGRhttp://bit.ly/2qkqCTd

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