What did you do yesterday? Darrell Wilson, Managing Principal, HILGARTWILSON, LLC

Darrell Wilson

By Mike Sunnucks | Rose Law Group Reporter

Darrell Wilson is managing principal of HilgartWilson LLC. The Phoenix-based firm is one of the leading engineering, planning in the Western U.S.

We caught up with Wilson who gave us a detailed account of a recent day complete with military time entries. Wilson also said those in the know in the real estate industry and metro Phoenix will recognize who he met and interacted with just by their first names.

What I Did Yesterday –  

0545 – Mali (boxer) wakes me up.  Carol says for the 1000th time, “Stupid dog”.

0605 – Check phone for “hot” texts and emails – responded to design guys in London

0610 – Read latest press on water

0640 – On road

0715 – Returned calls to TX folks

0840 – Dan calls – Good catch up 

0915 – Abrams calls talking smack – finally gets to projects and our bar thing at Luke

0920 – Confirmed scheduled for meetings with council members in CG

1015 – Meeting at KCHD – Introduced councilman to industrial folks

1030 – Carol texts me to get travel blanket from the Mirage while at airport. 

1055 – Confirmed issues with Shannon.

1105 – Pre-conference call coordinate w Larry and Robyn

1130 – Left airport – forgot the damn blanket

1135 – Calls with office to coordinate for Coolidge.

1150 – Detroit guys call back on staking

1200 – Run around office following up on various projects with teams

1220 – Nate called – confirmed several items.

1235 – Left msg for Nazario at PHX.

1240 – Resent calendar item to Jackob (my bad)

1315 – Always good to see Tim K in office.

1320 – Confirmed the Sticks and Bricks group

1340 – Coordinate the survey proposal for TX folks

1355 – Jump in car for Pinal County

1400 – Gave Colin update – plans to him today

1405 – Follow up with GRIC for Joe

1410 – Thx msg from Sal

1420 – Coord schedules for Fighter Country mtgs and events next week

1450 – Wallbridge call – update

1500 – Josh and I meet Patrick, Dan and Andy at Coolidge.  Rick is awesome.

1540 – Stressing about emails stacking up – turn phone over.

1630 – Back in car facing emails.  On phone w several in folks office – so glad to have them

1645 – Really trying not to text and drive.

1710 — Returned Ron’s call – always lots to catch up on.

1730 – Thx from Tom for intro this morning.  Good connection for both

1800 – Back to KCHD again to get blanket for Carol’s trip, Called Mom. Makes us both feel better. 

1815 – Saw new prop on hangar neighbor’s Waco

1820 – Coordinate start of LT’s annual insp.

1910 – Home – Mali and I go to get mail – take Carol to pick up SUV (nail in tire)

1920 – Re-attack emails w/ Game 7 in background

2045 – Got back to Jordan about this and other

2335 – Close out emails and bummed about Game 7

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