Sunday Feature: Exactly what America does not need? 650 new words

Every year, language changes. Definitions must be adapted to the times, we create words to define certain situations…it’s just a never-ending process. And this year, thanks to the coronavirus, politics, cultural movements, and technological advances, words are being created and redefined at a rapid clip.

According to, September was one of the biggest updates ever. They say “Our tireless team has touched over 15,000 entries.” The updates include over 650 new words, 2,100 new definitions, 11,000 revised definitions. It’s a huge, huge update.

And some of the added words are fascinating including jabroni, amirite, DGAF, and janky. Below is a list of some of the most interesting words that have been added:

Jabroni: cnoun 1) Slang. a stupid, foolish, or contemptible person; loser 2) a wrestler whose purpose is to lose matches against headlining wrestlers in order to build up the status and fame of the headliners

Amirite: an informal variant spelling of the phrase ‘am I right’ used to elicit agreement or solidarity at the end of an observation, or used facetiously to undermine or mock the preceding observation

MAGA: Make America Great Again: a presidential campaign slogan used by Donald J. Trump.

Swole: Slang adjective: (especially of a man) very muscular: Coope/BIPs/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Battle Royale: Adjective: of or relating to a genre of fiction, television show, movie, or video game that features this kind of elimination fight to the death:

Empty Suit: Slang noun: an executive, manager, or official regarded as ineffectual, incompetent, or lacking in leadership qualities such as creativity and empathy.

Dunning-Kruger Effect: The theory that a person who lacks skill or expertise also lacks the insight to accurately evaluate this deficit, resulting in a persistent inflation of estimated competence in self-assessments.

Janky: Inferior in quality, not working or operating properly, untrustworthy; disreputable, undesirable; dilapidated or run-down:

GOAT: Greatest of all time: (used to refer to or describe a person or thing that is considered to be the best ever in a particular field, category, etc., especially in sports)

DGAF: Don’t give a f**k: to not care at all (a euphemistic initialism used to indicate an indifferent or unbothered attitude, without explicit vulgarity)



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