Still irate over the election, when will Arizona Republicans figure out they’re being played?

Opinion: State Rep. Kelly Townsend and GOP Chair Kelli Ward continue whipping up Republicans who are angry about the election. But no longer is this about the election. At least, not the one in 2020.

By Laurie Roberts | Arizona Republic

(Editor’s note: Opinion pieces are published for discussion purposes only.)

Grab your pitchforks, chumps, and don’t forget to light your torches. There’s a new target in town.

Having declared war on Republican Gov. Doug Ducey for certifying the results of the election, as state law required …

Having lost all six state lawsuits seeking to overturn the results of the election, as state law required ….

Having made international news with the suggestion that Republicans be willing to die to overturn the results of the election  …

Valiant never-say-die (except if it’s to help Trump) Republicans have now turned their burning eye to House Speaker Rusty Bowers.

Only no longer is this about changing the results of an election. It’s now about laying a foundation for political glory by the kooks and charlatans within the party who are looking to move up.

The chumps who are following them? They just haven’t realized that yet.


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