The fake Arizona “audit” is confusing, idiotic, and endless — which means it’s working as intended

Trump and his allies are building the foundation for the 2024 coup effort by sowing more confusion about voting now/

By Amanda Marcotte | Salon

The thing to know about the fake Arizona vote “audit” that was the subject of an equally fake state senate “hearing” last Thursday: It’s nearly impossible to follow what the hell is happening.

A lot of wild claims about voting “irregularities” are being flung about, and so are the fact checks, in a dizzying array of information that will cause even the most avid QAnoner’s eyes to glaze over. Over the weekend, Donald Trump put out three separate statements full of so many false claims about the “audit,” that it’s nearly impossible to keep track of and debunk every lie. Associated Press reporters must surely be commended for their efforts in doing so. 

The second thing to know about the fake audit is that everything about it is pure theater. It is agitprop meant to create the illusion of information-gathering while the people involved are doing everything in their power to distort reality.

Take for instance Doug Logan, a conspiracy theorist masquerading as a security “expert,” whose firm, Cyber Ninjas, is running the fake audit. He pretended to testify last week about the so-called audit in an environment done up to look like a senate hearing. In reality, as The Arizona Republicreported, “it was not a hearing of any committee,” and no one was allowed to ask questions but Arizona Senate President Karen Fann and Sen. Warren Peterson, two Republicans who have been involved in propping up this fake audit from day one.

The third thing to know is that, even though the “audit” was supposed to be wrapped two months ago, it’s quite clear now that it will be dragged out for a long time, and may never really be concluded.


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