Kari Lake is unmasked after her disaster of a Down Under interview

By Laurie Roberts | Arizona Republic

OPINION: Kari Lake’s response to questions she can’t (or doesn’t want to) answer is to trash the reporter asking it. Since when is it “unAmerican” to question a candidate for governor?

When CBS 5/3TV’s Dennis Welch in June asked Kari Lake about her donations to then-presidential candidates John Kerry in 2004 and Barack Obama in 2008, her response was to trash the reporter.

“What I see is happening here is I’m running for governor. And rather than doing a story of, ‘Hey, a person who has worked in our industry, had an illustrious career and is running for governor because she cares about this state.’ You’re going to do a hit piece or try to be derogatory, which is so typical of where the media goes. If there’s a story with a conservative in it, it always has a negative slant and people are onto it, Dennis. They’re onto it. And you know you guys do that.”

When 12News’ Brahm Resnik asked Lake, during her August mask protest at ASU, what should be done  about a surging pandemic, her response was to trash the reporter.

“I noticed that you did not say the Pledge of Allegiance and that’s really despicable,” she said, though she didn’t explain how she noticed such a thing when he was wearing a mask.

Then she bought ad time on the Sunday Square Off show he hosts over the weekend, trashing not just Resnik but all reporters.

“The media isn’t just corrupt, they are anti-American,” she proclaims on her ad before launching into Resnik.

When 60 Minutes Australia reporter Liam Bartlett recently asked Lake if the Trump supporters who charged the nation’s Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, should be pardoned, her response was to trash not only the reporter but his entire country.

Are you catching on, Arizona?

Let’s just briefly revisit a snippet of Lake’s disaster of a Down Under interview, which aired on Sunday evening.


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