Brides magazine features Rose Law Group meta-marriage

By Ayuka Matsumoto | Brides Magazine

Weddings in the metaverse and vows of eternal love in the blockchain—could this be the future of weddings?

In the past few years, technology has become an even larger part of our lives worldwide. Even weddings are now making their way to the virtual space. Online weddings for guests who cannot attend physically have become a more common occurrence as many couples chose to have virtual nuptials over videoconference during the pandemic. But, could a metaverse wedding be an option for them as well?

First off, what is the metaverse? The metaverse is network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection. Various platforms have been developed such as Decentraland, The Sandbox, Cryptovoxels, and Somnium Space where users can engage in this digital spacae. And, it’s going to keep on growing. According to Bloomberg Intelligence, the metaverse could be worth more than $800 billion by 2024. In this new virtual landscape, there’s a whole new realm of opportunities for social connection—including weddings. Two couples who threw metaverse nuptials and exchanged NFT rings showcase this unconventional and pioneering form for the future.

A Look at Metaverse Weddings
Candice Hurley and Ryan Hurley had a metaverse wedding in February 2022 at the Rose Law Group property on the platform Decentraland. For coordination purposes, the bride, groom, their son, and the officiant were physically present in the physical offices of Rose Law Group, who planned their metaverse nuptials.

The couple met through an online dating site, and were legally married in a traditional ceremony in 2008. Explaining why they threw a metaverse wedding after 14 years marriage, Ryan says, “I am always fascinated by new and exciting things and have kept up with the emerging technologies around blockchain. I suggested to my wife that this would be a fun way to both renew our existing vows and extend our marriage to a multiverse that would last forever.”

The Hurleys planned the wedding with help from experts at the Rose Law Group. Their dream venue was built by a metaverse architect. Their avatars and thousands of attendees (some of whom they knew and the rest of whom were curious strangers) gathered at the property in Decentraland, which was modified to look like a mountain town wedding venue. The officiant, Clint Bolick, an Arizona Supreme Court Justice, held the ceremony for the avatars.


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