Why Kari Lake should tell Katie Hobbs to get a face tattoo

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By Jim Sharpe |KTAR.com

Immediately after it became obvious that Kari Lake had won the Republican primary, she wasted no time in turning her attention to her opponent in this fall’s race for governor: Democrat Katie Hobbs, Arizona’s current Secretary of State. 

In a statement issued Thursday night, Lake said the election results “…took longer than they should have.” And said “… my opponent, Katie Hobbs, had one job in government and that was to ensure an efficiently processed election. She failed spectacularly.”

I’m confused.

In an earlier commentary, I said that you can either have fast or fraud-free elections. You can’t have both.

And yet, it seems that the same people who are complaining that it took forever for the Maricopa County Elections Department to count enough votes so that it finally became obvious that Lake won (time taken to make sure that no fraudulent ballots are cast), are the same folks complaining that there was massive fraud in the last election.

Many of the same people have suggested that the time that elapsed between the polls closing on Tuesday night and Lake’s victory declaration was used by Republican County Recorder Stephen Richer to try to figure out how to steal Lake’s win.

Some of those same people must be on the Maricopa County Republican Party’s executive committee — which voted to punish Richer with a censure. Even. Though. Lake. Won.

Things are certainly a lot kookier than when I worked in Republican politics over 10 years ago.

But I think Republicans should try to crank up the kooky campaigning even more!

(Here, hold my beer!)

Did you know that the two Democrats running in the two biggest statewide races — BOTH HAVE TWINS?!? 


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