Why our present moment experience is the only thing that matters

By Tony Fahkry | Medium

Why are you here on this earth? What is your purpose, if you associate yourself with one? Rest assured, this is not an existentialist treatise but something simpler. These types of questions are popular in every culture.

This journey called life with its twists and turns is quite a trip. We trudge along through childhood to adulthood experiencing various events while learning, growing, falling and getting up again.

In the West we live in a society that tries to mould us into conditioned people. Go with the crowd, listen to the media and governmental officials. Don’t buck the system because the system works. Does it really?

At some point, everyone asks themselves deeper purposeful questions while searching for the truth. Many times painful circumstances compel us to stop and contemplate life.

I’m at home as I write this article, enjoying solitude and peace. This morning there’s a thick fog hovering over the home. As I sit outside taking in the stunning morning, I realise many times we become stuck in a spiritual fog.

Our perspective is skewed and we can’t see beyond our current circumstances or ego. The fog made it impossible to see the beautiful view this morning, so I closed my eyes and tried to imagine it.

I know it’s there beyond the fog and I know it will be visible in a few hours when the fog lifts. Likewise, when we experience darkness, we act less than graceful.

We become frustrated, succumbing to negativity and cannot see beyond the fog. We believe the situation will continue forever and get mired in bad moods. We fail to realise that foggy mornings turn into gorgeous days.


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