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It’s time to protect your daughters from . . . Barbie

BarbieFrom the Rose Law Group Growlery

By Phil Riske | Managing Editor

Part of being a young girl includes those embarrassing zits.

More recently, tats are not uncommon among young women.

Later in life, your daughter could become a mother and with that come stretch marks.

And your daughters might become victims of a stereotyping that portrays women in the workplace as incompetent.

With knowledge of all this, the makers of the now 45-year-old Barbie Doll, who was invented by Ruth Handler, met Ken in 1962 and finally a belly button in 2000, are living up to her mission to “keep up with the times and trends . . .” It appears they want to prepare doll-age girls for the world they will enter in a few years.

Given the times and trends of today’s word, it could time to stop Barbie’s transformations and return to the Barbie of old.

The Lammily doll, also known as the normal Barbie, is ready to purchase online for about $25. And a $5.99 sticker extension pack–including 38 reusable stickers–will be available on January 18.

The stickers, called Lammily marks, reports USA Today, include cellulite, stretch marks, freckles, acne, glasses, temporary tattoo, scratches, bruises, cast, mosquito bites and dirt stains.

Just as parents of young girls use a device to prevent their girls from seeing certain TV content, it’s time to issue a parental warning not to allow Susie and Jennifer to lay eyes on “the normal Barbie.” They’ll grow up soon enough.

And Barbie is sorry.

In a posting on Mattel’s Barbie Facebook page, says USA Today, the iconic doll apologized for a 2010 children’s book that portrays her failed attempt at becoming a computer engineer. Barbie is depicted as totally incompetent, dependent on the help of men and unable to even restart her computer.

‘We apologize . . . Barbie titles moving forward will be written to inspire girls imaginations and portray an empowered Barbie character.”

That should be interesting.







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