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By Phil Riske | Managing Editor

The next generation not only will inherit a whopping national debt, it will be handed a dictionary inflated by media-and-millennial-contrived language.

As Linda Valdez at The Arizona Republic noted recently, the French phrase “je ne sais quoi” rose to No. 6 in Merriam-Webster’s 2014 list of top words after being featured in a Sonic Drive-in commercial.

Well, je ne sais quoi, which literally means “I know not what,” has been a standard phrase for many a year, it’s the creation of new words that bugs me.

The Oxford Dictionaries love to define, therefore legitimatize, new verbiage. “Vape” is their choice for word of the year in 2014. Vape describes the smoking of e-cigarettes.

Their top word last year was “selfie,” taking one’s own photo and often splattering it all over social media.

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People who serve patients in a cannabis dispensary are now “budtenders.”

Here’s an very abbreviated list of unnecessary, hip and slang words from Oxford English Dictionary that make Mother English roll over in her grave. There will be a quiz in the morning.

beatboxer, n.

bestie, n.

bookaholic, n.

bookwoman, n.

de Moivre, n.

death spiral, n.

Demogorgonian, adj..

demosponge, n.

dichotic, adj.

didact, n.

diotic, adj.

down-ballot, adj.

E ticket, n.1

emics, n.

empath, n.

empodium, n.

empyemic, adj.

epistlar, adj.

epistropheus, n.

epistylium, n.

ere-done, adj.

ese, n.

etherizing, n.

ethnomathematics, n.

ethnomedical, adj.

ethnomycology, n.

ethnonationalism, n.

herogram, n.

heroine-worship, v.

hondle, v.

imperialine, n.

impervium, n.

over-under, n. and adj.

sciency, adj.

scintilla juris, n.

shvitz, n.

shvitz, v.

TP, n. (toilet paper)

tropicalismo, n.

wackadoo, adj. and n.

wackadoodle, n. and adj.

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