CNN continues its slide into news prostitution

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By Phil Riske, managing editor

How do you spell hypocrisy?

Seems the big story of the week is former Subway lost-a-lot-of-weight spokesboy Jared Fogel. He agreed Wednesday to plead guilty to allegations he paid for sex with girls as young as 16 and received child pornography.

He could go to the big house for 10 years.

CNN’s beat-it-‘til-it-can’t-breathe news philosophy Thursday decided to bring in a supposed expert on sex crimes to discuss the Fogel case.

Remember Chris Hansen, host of “To Catch a Predator” on NBC? He is famous for the line “Take a Seat,” spoken to men who were lured into homes by a law enforcement sting of men known to pursue underage girls on the Internet.

Hansen would lecture them about their crime like a stern father telling his son about potential dangers of sex.

Hansen no longer does such preaching. He was canned by NBC after being caught at his own undercover video scheme. The tape proved Hansen was cheating on his wife with a woman at a hotel.

So much of cable news has gone into a black hole. Where is the outcry?

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