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Veto override For HOA bill thwarted for now

Posted by   /  April 5, 2017  /  4 Comments

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Rep. Ken Clark / from IDA video

House leadership Tuesday blocked an effort by Rep. Ken Clark (D-24) to override Governor Doug Ducey’s veto of HB2321, a bill which would bar homeowner association members from combining their voting rights to choose a single board member.

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The bill had won bipartisan support, passing in both the House and Senate unanimously.

In his veto letter, said it isn’t the government’s role to regulate how homeowner associations vote.

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  1. Luz Lopez says:

    It’s time that this state start immediately policing and doing out with crooked hoa’s that cause legitimate homeowners emotional distress because of the nepotism card they constantly play. I am a former board member and left because I did not like their unprofessional manner of how they operate and still do today. They have destroyed our community and refuse to logically correct all their errors in street parking regulations, they don’t ever call the tow truck when it’s needed, and I, personally have received a hate email as well as had my yahoo account hacked by them. I know it was them because they let out personal information about me which they knew. They tell current board members not to speak to me and my lights have been vandalized. I am a single person who lives on a disability income. They are deliberately trying to force me to sell my home which is fully paid for. I invested all my monies and fixed this th/condo since 2011. They constantly change the rules and do not oblige by any of the legitimate by laws. This has got to stop. They are causing a hostile environment for those who take care of their properties such as myself.

  2. Luz Lopez says:

    Why is no one addressing this problem? Why is my comment still not accepted?

  3. STATE OF MIND says:

    thank you…

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