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Are you ready for artificial intelligence to change your business?

Posted by   /  May 17, 2017  /  No Comments

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By Eric Miller | AzBigMedia

The whole idea of artificial intelligence, or AI for short, was the stuff of science fiction for decades. Then it was the next big thing that was going to change the world, accompanied by much hype. And while we were worrying about what it all meant, AI sort of happened without the expected fanfare. It is here, it is part of our everyday life, and we use it every time we ask our phones where the closest coffee shop is. We see it at work in online advertising, when our credit card company calls us about fraud on our card, and when we go see a doctor. Massive amounts of computer power and a dizzying combination of algorithms kind of snuck up on us and AI in all of its different forms is having a significant impact on your business.


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