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Why do we keep repeating ourselves? Really, why do we do that?

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By Phil Riske | Senior Reporter/Writer

From the Rose Law Group Growlery

Welcome to a lunch I had recently with a friend.

Friend: Can you believe the stuff that’s going on in Washington? I mean, really, can you believe it?

Pretty crazy.

You’d think they could get their act together and do something for the country. You’d think they could do that.

I agree.

Don’t they realize they’re hacking off the voters? I mean why would they do stuff to make us mad? You know what I mean?

You’d think.

OMG, this is . . . (unintelligible muttering).


I just don’t understand what’s going on. Really can’t believe it.

Yeah, I know how you feel.

After all, they’re just going to lose votes, right?


This is really. . . uh . . . I mean I really can’t figure it out.



Rules for productive conversations:

Speak firmly and be specific. Be concise. Say what you mean and, unless the person you’re talking to is hard of hearing, say it once. Articulate. Avoid slang, it’s not a social media post. Listen and ask questions.

These bear repeating, don’t you think?

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