Rose Law Group Reporter’s Top 10 Previously Unreported Arizona Sports Quotes

10. “No, I never inhaled AstroTurf.” – Jake Plummer

9. “I never got a chance to tour the Smithsonian.” – Matt Williams

8. “When I was stocking grocery shelves, I sometimes turned it into lunch.” – Kurt Warner

7. “I will be Arizona governor someday.” – Charles Barkley

6. Chip is not short for chipmunk, you moron.” – Chip Hale

5. “The whole Gatsby Hat thing is to pull attention away from my huge feet.” – Bruce Arians

4. “Our locker room smells like Agent Orange.” – A Suns player who wishes to remain anonymous

3. “In my freshman year at ASU, Sparky and I went down to Tucson and paint sprayed ASU all over Old Main. ” – Phil Mickelson

2. “Were not afraid of playing Grand Canyon University.”–ASU President Michael Crow

1. “Yes they are.” Grand Canyon University President Brian Mueller.

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