Bringing about national togetherness with a simple kiss

By Phil Riske | Senior Reporter/Writer

As politicians decry the polarization that is the current state of the nation, I wondered what I — one person — could do to better understand the divisions in our thinking and take action to narrow the differences that plague the American citizenry. I came up with this list to dos:

Fuel my car with coal.

Work a day for minimum wage.

Pay for any medical charges out of my own pocket.

Sell all my stock out of distrust for Wall Street.

As among the 99% who aren’t, I will do everything possible to become a millionaire.

Surrender my gun.

Watch Fox News.

Agree with everyone’s political and religious beliefs.

Tear down the wall separating my property from my neighbors.

See if there’s a way to test whether climate change hurt my garden.

I won’t trade baseball cards with someone from China.

Finally, I note Republican motorists tend to pass on right and Democrats on the left. If either cuts me off in traffic, I will blow them a kiss for unity.

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