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[COMMENTARY] Arizona: The continuing search for a brand

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By Phil Riske | Senior Reporter/Writer

An Arizona legislator joked recently it was a shame some of his colleagues were “sour” on a bill to make lemonade Arizona’s official state drink.

Four senators jokingly proposed amendments to change the state drink to sun tea, margarita or Jamaica, a drink created from hibiscus flowers.

Lemonade lost in the Senate debate, and the state drink bill was more for levity than sweating over more serious issues.

Five years ago, the state hired a consulting firm to come up with a slogan and possibly a logo to overcome various economic and image problems at the time.  I don’t recall seeing that work product. 

If Arizona is still waiting for some suggestions for state salad or a slogan, Rose Law Group Reporter seeks to help the effort with the following suggestions:

10. Arizona: Preventing Utah from sliding down and becoming out southern border.

9. AridZona: Fry Us for Your Next Vacation

8. Arizona: Just a Quake Away from Ocean Shores

7. Arizona: It’s Never Having to Change Your Watch

6. Arizona: More Scorpions Per Capita

5. Arizona, where Obama and Trump’s father were not born

4. Arizona: We’re Not Quite As Whacky As Texas

3. Myth Becomes Reality in Arizona

2. Arizona: We Take All Prisoners

1. Arizona: Keeping the Supreme Court in Business

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