A note from your flight attendant

By Jason Aten | Inc.

For the second time in the past two months, I got on a plane. It wasn’t scary, by the way. It’s definitely different, but not scary.

In both cases, I flew to New York City on a Delta flight. I’ve written on several occasions how Delta is working to keep people safe, including restricting the middle seat on flights to reduce the number of people on a flight, as well as increase the distance between them.

Up close and personal. . .well, not really close

For the record, if we get to vote on things we’d like to keep from the pandemic when all of this is over, no middle seats gets my pick. It’s one of the main reasons I’m willing to travel on an airplane right now. 

That’s not the point, however. On this trip, the most remarkable thing that happened came after we had landed. As the plane approached our gate at LaGuardia Airport, the crew did something you might not expect, especially at a time when most of us have grown used to creating social distance.

Then again, the last thing you want between you and your customers is distance. Sure, staying six feet apart physically is important. So is wearing a mask.


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