FDA approves anti-viral face mask that kills COVID

U.S. Based Company announces RespoKare® Child’s Anti-Viral face mask, the first US FDA-cleared mask to destroy 99.99% of human coronavirus within minutes, in America’s COVID-19 Hotspot

By Rose Law Group Reporter

PHOENIX – Arizona based Innonix Technologies USA LLC unveils the RespoKare® line of face masks, including the first FDA-cleared anti-viral child’s mask to destroy quickly 99.99% of human coronavirus as well as influenza and other viruses within minutes of contact with the mask. The RespoKare® line includes a surgical grade flat mask and a N95 respirator model that utilizes the same technology as the child’s mask. The U.S. based company strives to bring stronger protection to residents who are looking for the best mask on the market.

RespoKare® anti-viral mask is laboratory-tested and its patented technology is created by American scientists. It provides the wearer with active protection – the mask features an anti-viral layer of rayon material that is coated with concentrations of copper and zinc ions that destroy viruses within minutes on contact with the mask surface.

The four-layer design of the mask features an outer layer, which traps contaminated droplets followed by an anti-viral layer that destroys pathogens followed by a filter layer to trap fine particles and a liquid resistant inner layer for final protection. What’s more, the anti-viral coatings are formulated from a combination of commonly used food additives recognized as safe by US regulatory agencies.

Kevin MacDonald, Managing Director of Innonix Technologies USA LLC said, “As the more dangerous COVID-19 variants are quietly spreading, Arizona has seen record infection numbers. While most Americans protect themselves by wearing masks as a physical barrier from the virus, RespoKare steps further by destroying viruses on contact.”

“We are creating awareness of our premium masks and offering them to people who are looking for a quality mask with added anti-viral technology. We hope to play a role in

mitigating Arizona’s pandemic. To date, thousands of masks have been donated to the Phoenix and Glendale Police Departments. Plans are in the works to donate several thousands of masks to in-classroom teachers and low-income senior living centers,” added MacDonald.

RespoKare® line of masks are in stock in Arizona and through authorized resellers listed at www.respokare.com. The price for the ASTM level 3 surgical grade masks in adult and child sizes are $2.49 each in a box of 24, and the NIOSH approved N95 Respirator Plus is $4.99 each in a box of 30. The N95 Respirator Plus is available in medium and large sizes.

In independent laboratory tests, the RespoKare® Child’s Anti-Viral face mask destroys 99.99% of human coronavirus 229E (which is a recognized testing surrogate for SARS-CoV-2 which is the cause of Covid-19) and measles virus (ATCC VR-24) within 1 minute, and 15 influenza virus strains within 5 minutes upon contact with the surface of the mask. For sales inquiries, please contact us at inquiry@respokare.com.

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