SUNDAY FEATURE: 24 phrases millennials use all the time but no one else gets


It’s all about being ‘woke’ and ‘adulting’

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This incorrect tense of “awake” is used in the phrase “stay woke” as well as to describe whether someone is paying attention to political and social events or aware of certain truths. For example, a man conscious of the glass ceiling and gender pay gap for women is “woke.” “Get woke” can be used as an admonishment for someone who is ignorant and needs to educate himself properly about a topic.


First introduced into the lexicon in 2016 by rapper Birdman during rap radio show “The Breakfast Club,” “respek” is a slang spelling of the word “respect.” It can be used alone or as part of Birdman’s original usage in the phrase “put some respek on my name,” meaning to show someone respect.


This verb means that a millennial is engaging in an activity or behavior that involves responsibility or decision-making that is usually taken care of by fully developed adults. Paying your rent, getting your oil changed, going to the dentist and other such accomplishments fall under the parameter of “adulting.”


Predominantly used in the past tense, “canceled” is used to describe someone or something that you’ve rejected, deleted or cut out of your life. For example, your friend could ask you if you are still dating someone, to which you could reply, “No, they’re canceled.”


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