Ken Bennett worries the Senate auditors could be cooking the numbers. Gee, ya think?

Clearly, the Senate’s ninja auditors have something to hide. Why else would they block the Senate’s own liaison from getting information about what the heck is going on?/Ameican Oversight .org

By Laurie Roberts | Arizona Republic

(Editor’s note: Opinion/satire pieces are published only to extend coverage of an issue and to stir comments from our readers.)

Well, well, well. Ken Bennett has been kicked out of the election audit.

Why, you ask, is the Senate’s liaison to the audit banned from the building where a third, supposedly independent count of ballots is now taking place?

It seems he let a secret slip, one that calls into question whether the Senate’s ninja audit is worth the price of a stick of gum. Then he went public with the fact that the Cyber Ninja auditors have been keeping secrets from him all along.

And oh, by the way, that independent third count of the ballots, the one Senate President Karen Fann ordered up to serve as a check on the ninjas’ audit?

He says the ninjas are controlling it,

Bennett on Monday took the airwaves to let the public in on what’s been going on and to note that he was close to stepping down as the Senate’s representative to the audit.


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