News media have a diversity problem. They  show in their disconnect with everyday Americans

Pew Research Center

Opinion: A recent Pew Research Center study revealed a stark divergence between how journalists view their work and how the public does. It shouldn’t surprise anyone.

By Jon Gabriel opinion contributor|Arizona Republic

When the average person is asked about ‘the media’ these days, they are much more likely to think of the yelling cable news host instead of the local reporter covering city hall.

Everyone lives in a bubble of some type.

If your home sits in an upper-middle-class neighborhood, your vehicle is a Range Rover, and your groceries came from Whole Foods, you’re in one kind of bubble. The person who learned a trade, enjoys hunting and lives in a small town might be in another kind of bubble.

A few years back, PBS offered a 25-question quiz to show how insulated you are. I’ve kept a leg in both worlds, so my results were dead in the middle, 48 out of 100. Increasingly though, the bubble keeps getting thicker among professionals in the big cities.

That includes many journalists.

The public views the media much differently

Results of a Pew Research Center survey of journalists and the general public about news coverage.The study revealed a stark divergence between how journalists view their work and how the general public does.


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