Clean air, legislating guns, shrooms


 “We have churches with empty spaces on their lots that could help

families in need by being developed into affordable housing.”              

~ Bishop Jennifer Reddall,  Episcopal Diocese of Arizona,

 in support of “Yes in God’s Backyard” measure that would

permit affordable housing to be built on church property.


Feb. 16, 2024

Phoenix, Dallas Have America’s Cleanest Air, Influx Of People

Real estate firm Redfin just issued a report on the effects of air pollution on population migration. It considers how many people left a state or city against those who moved into the market from 2019 to 2022. It then compared these figures to air quality in the markets. Dallas and Phoenix topped the list of cities with a 0% chance of poor air quality and had the largest influx of those who moved to the cities compared to those who left during the period examined.

Polarization has nothing to do with bears

Phil Riske I decided to get off my butt and take action to narrow differences that plague the American citizenry.

A Republican lawmaker in Arizona wants the state’s electoral votes in 2024 to go to the GOP nominee for president — before voters know for certain who will be on the ballot in November’s election.

RELATED: Arizona Sec. Adrian Fontes blames thwarted election crisis on ‘rumors,’ ‘conspiracy theories’

Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes said Thursday he thinks lawmakers addressed the wrong problem when they revised the state’s election calendar last week.

Arizona lawmakers spar on bill over parental consent on guns

 A House panel approved legislation Wednesday some lawmakers say could shield parents from liability when a child takes a gun from the house and kills someone else.

Racial healing, protecting tamale sales among early bill filings at Arizona 

The tamale bill will rise again.

RELATED:Here’s what Arizona can learn about magic mushrooms from one state with a legal industry

A magic mushroom industry similar to Oregon’s could be on its way to Arizona, potentially offering new business opportunities for those who want to own a psilocybin clinic or serve as a guide for psychedelic “trips

RELATED: Arizona early ballots go out soon. What to know about voting by mail, drop boxes and more

Arizonans, get ready: Voting for the state’s first major election of the year is about to begin.

Only troubled judges would stand for election under proposed law

The Senate Elections Committee greenlit a resolution on party lines to hinge judicial retention elections on “good behavior” instead of term limits Thursday. 

Arizona bill would require removal of homeless encampments if indoor shelter options exist

 A bill to crack down on homeless encampments in Arizona has advanced to the state capitol after the Senate Judiciary Committee passed the measure.

Following the paper trail: How Cochise County got stuck with 10 tons of ballot paper it can’t use

The southern Arizona county is torn on next steps after shutting down a state grant to test secure ballots.

Trump mob chases away Clint Hickman, one of the last mainstream Republicans

Opinion: Maricopa County Supervisor Clint Hickman says he won’t run for reelection. Who can blame him, after all the threats heaped upon him by the Trump mob?

‘2000 Mules’ was a lie? Cuing apologies from Kari Lake and company in 5, 4, 3 …

Opinion: The ‘2000 Mules’ people admit they can’t back up their claim of a ballot stuffing conspiracy. Yet the Arizonans who used this bogus documentary to rile up the right are curiously silent.

Dems’ disapproval of US handling of border hits highest point of Biden’s tenure, report finds

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