Exclusive for RLG, TwitterZona: Best Tweets of Week by Arizona influencers this week featuring a Palin citing, Mesa Mayor Scott Smith’s elbow rubbing, Brahm Resnik offering US Senate Candidates beer (?) and much more!





By Mike Saucier


As the national and local debates come to an end and we wind down a highly-charged week on the national and local political stages, we look forward to a two-week blur-sprint of polls, hyper-drama, feigned outrage and posturing that used to be reserved for mostly print newspapers, TV, radio, the Internet and good old face-to-face conversation. Now it’s all on instant display on Twitter.

With that, let’s get to the tweets worth noting from this week.

Before that, though, let’s hear it for AZ Central (@azcentral), which came up with a not-one-of-a-kind concept that appears to have launched in early October, a few weeks after the humble TwitterZona column debuted in the Rose Law Group Reporter based on the same simple editorial formula: collect tweets by Arizona influencers and assemble them in a coherent, presentable fashion for the public. Quite the coincidence of timing, this apparently new AZ Central web feature.

Print news—especially mega-non-local-based national chains such as Gannett—are bloodthirsty for new ideas and new avenues to profit because we all know that nobody under 25 reads print and the clock is ticking on most print properties. And if digital editorial ideas–whether imitated, refurbished from others or originally conceived by newspaper editors–stave off the death blow to the print edition of the Republic for a few more years, then all the power to them. The link to their newish Top 10 Tweets column: http://ow.ly/eMbxn


Back to this week’s tweets worth noting.

We’ll begin — and later end — with Brahm Resnik (@brahmresnik) of 12News/KPNX-TV, who tweeted that Maricopa County “recorder Purcell says about 20% of early ballots turned in. Expects to have 50% a week from today. Coming in faster than past yrs.”

We all wish debates could be improved. @MikeTheSauce one day hopes to see the Commission on Presidential Debates approve Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow as co-moderators. Won’t happen but it’s fun to imagine. Sean Sweat of Intel, “making Downtown Phoenix (#dtphx) better, one project at a time,” tweets his debate fantasy.

“I would love to see an O’Reilly v Obama debate, and a Stewart v Romney debate.”


Since debates are the topic, Shane Wikfors clearly was peeved by President Barack Obama’s snarky “horses and bayonets” comment to Mitt Romney during the third and final presidential debate in Boca Raton, Fla. It referenced a statistic Romney cited about the strength of the today’s Navy. Wikfors tweeted:

“Every time I hear Obama refer to aircraft carriers and submarines, it make my blood boil. It is the epitome of condescension.”


Wikfors, an “Economist, Non-Profit Developer, Navy Nuke Vet, Gardener, Father, Husband & Christ Follower” also tweeted:

“When Reagan was President we were on our way to a 600-ship fleet. Those were the days when America apologized to no one for protecting good.”

Mike Shaldjian, who runs Media Watch AZ, made a point on which Republicans, Democrats and Independents must agree when he tweeted:

“We’ve heard every argument from every side now. Whatever your choices, just make sure you vote.”


Turning to the local Senate race, which is becoming more dramatic by the day, John Glenn, whose Twitter bio reads, “Politico, Hockey Guy, Economics, CenPho Resident, Zoning Nerd & member of several City of Phoenix boards,” tweeted:

“Boy the Carmona camp has managed to find each and every single unflattering Flake photo possible”


James Cruce of Florida tweeted this story on a damning quote by Senate candidate Richard Carmona.

“AZ Senate Candidate Predicted Impact of Obesity ‘Will Dwarf 9/11’ Attacks http://ow.ly/2sR6w1


At a 2010 lecture at the University of South Carolina, Carmona said, according to the Associated Press, “Obesity is the terror within. Unless we do something about it, the magnitude of the dilemma will dwarf 9-11 or any other terrorist attempt.”

Mesa Mayor Scott Smith rubbed elbows with House Speaker John Boehner this week and tweeted a photo:

“Great to be with Speaker of House John Boehner tonight and hear him discuss upcoming election. http://img.ly/oTfS


It’s easy to be uptight during election season when discussing politics. So thedirty.com’s Nik Richie brings some levity and speaks for many when he tweets:

“About to watch Argo. Forget gas prices. I’m voting for the President who can reduce movie ticket prices.”


Nik Richie wasn’t the only one watching “Argo” this week. Tim McGuire, “Frank Russell Chair for Business of Journalism at Arizona State’s Cronkite School” tweeted:

“I saw Argo last night and it skyrockets into my top 10 list of all-time favorites. Laughs, and suspense in one great package.”


Now for this week’s plugs. By the way, it helps if someone in the public eye tweets about it your business or movie or event. And it helps if I see it.

That someone this week is 3TV anchor/reporter Javier Soto, who tweeted about Sprinkles Scottsdale:

“OMG!!! Just had the BEST cupcake Caramel Apple Cupcake from @sprinklesaz #MmmMmm pic.twitter.com/gkzE9zzW


Former Alaska governor and vice presidential nominee (and rumored part-time Scottsdale resident) Sarah Palin is big on Jalapeno Inferno of North Scottsdale, according to Arizona Foothills Magazine, which tweeted:

“Remember her? She is back! @SarahPalinUSA at one of our favorite places now eating dinner. @JalapenosAZ


Britt Moreno, a reporter and anchor at Fox 10, toured tent city as part of a story. Nervousness ensued.

Deputies making me nervous at tent city they keep radioing for back up.”


Never a shortage of captivating images on Twitter coming out of Arizona.

From the Grand Canyon:

“something about the #grandcanyon that makes people want 2 do hand stands. It’s a fact:-) thanks @AWParkourpic.twitter.com/lLxk1HeG


From AZ Highways editor Robert Stieve:

“Along the Houston Brothers Trail on the Mogollon Rim.” http://instagr.am/p/RHG9LhJm9d/


And from the Salt River Project:

“Cool shot” RT @strangiatotheme Drainage gallery underneath Roosevelt Dam” http://instagr.am/p/RBFbq9JtFx/


And this from “Good Morning Arizona” anchor Stella Inger, because it’s…timely:

“Woohoo! It’s that time of the year again!! @Javiersototv live as the Xmas tree arrives! #Anthempic.twitter.com/0jzny5Hv


Twitter is a place where the completely random is routine. And routinely entertaining. Take these random tweets, for example.


From Erica Stoltenberg, assistant food and beverage manager at the Four Seasons Resort in Scottsdale:

“Push-ups and pull-ups are two of the most humbling exercises- you can always tell when you’ve been slacking and not doing them for awhile.”


From Mike Broomhead, afternoon drive host at News Talk 550KFYI:

“Insomnia!! Watching Rocky III. Remembering that “Eye Of The Tiger” was the song that pumped us all up. Man, I’m old!”


From communications guru Keith Yaskin:

“Personal PR: If someone offers you gum, take a hint.”


Arizona Midday (Destry Jetton on Channel 12):

“Driving into work. I had to turn the heater on. Seriously, I am freezing. Arizona girl.”


Local comedian Frank Caliendo:

“It’s sad, but I’m actually surprised every time I see someone tweet something nice.”


This week’s Tweet of the Week comes from Brahm Resnick, previously mentioned in this column, for suggesting a beer summit (we need more beer summits!) for Jeff Flake and Richard Carmona on Thursday:

“@FlakeforSenate & @CarmonaForAZ campaigns banging on each other nonstop in emails & tweets since 8 am today. Time for a beer, guys!”


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