Bucket lists are like New Year’s resolutions

By Phil Riske | Senior Reporter/Writer

Five years ago in this space, I published my bucket list. While overdue, I owe our readers an update:

Quit smoking—Nope, but cutting down, with help of The Patch.

Quit drinking so much Coke—Nope. Better than the other kind of coke.

Quit drinking coffee—Yes. I’m still awake.

Quit eating junk food—Nope. Are tacos junk food?

Quit being a couch potato—Nope. How else can I watch the news and work on my laptop at the same time? Or did I mean get off the couch on weekends?

Quit arguing politics—Nope, but how can one avoid it since Trump’s election.

Quit cursing—Hell no.

Quit betting on sports—Yes, but the Supreme Court says it will be okay when Arizona approves it. I’ve got some cash that says Diamondbacks win the division.

Quit playing online poker—No. As long as I’m on the couch, might as well.

Quit sweating the small stuff—No. Are two surgeries and a wrecked car small stuff?

Allow me to make a new list called “ To Hell with It List.” One item goes in this list: My Bucket List.

Epitaph: “He wasn’t a quitter.”

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