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Would someone please answer these Top 10 nagging questions?

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By Phil Riske | Senior Reporter/Writer

Nothing is more maddening than something that leaves you begging for an answer. So, someone please help me out with these:

10. When a commercial states, “Not available in all states,” doesn’t that mean not available anywhere?

9. Why doesn’t the IRS send thank you notes when we pay our taxes?

8. Why do crime reporters say, “Police have no motive?” (They better not.)

7. Still along the crime trail: Why do reporters say charges were dropped against someone, instead of charges against someone were dropped?

6. If you remove the tag from a mattress “under penalty of law” will you really be arrested and why?

5. How do sales people get your smart phone number?

4. Why do pharmaceutical manufacturers advertise drugs that can kill you?

3. Why do baseball players spit so much?

2. Please explain the difference between 6th degree and 7th degree- murder.

1. What causes déjà vu?

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