Maricopa County: Dumpster divers didn’t find voted 2020 ballots

An unidentified man climbs around in a trash bin behind Maricopa County’s election center. He is one of several #StopTheSteal activists who claim they found a bag of shredded 2020 ballots, pictured at right. A spokeswoman for the county says the ballots cast in November are safely stored in a vault and that it is unclear what the that the pro-Trump activists found. She also said the Dumpster divers attempted to break into the county’s facility. /Photo credit: Staci Burk / Facebook

By Jeremy Duda | Arizona Mirror

Maricopa County election officials say a bagful of shredded ballots that “stop the steal” activists claim to have found in a trash can at the elections department weren’t cast in the 2020 election.

Staci Burk, a Pinal County woman who filed a failed lawsuit challenging the general election results last year, alleges that she and others found a bag filled with shredded ballots from the November election in a Dumpster outside a loading dock at the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center south of downtown Phoenix.

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In a Facebook post on Saturday, Burk described it as “physical evidence collected.” A website she linked to that touts numerous conspiracy theories about the election called it “evidence of shredding of ballots.”


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